A whole library of past presentations

A whole library of past presentations

Over the past 7 years, we've recorded every presentation that we've held on LiDNUG, and as of April 2017 thats a grand total of 91 seperate videos on our YouTube page.

Thats quite an achievement.

To know that those videos will still be there long after LiDNUG is something that the whole team is very proud of.

We don't do as many presentations these days as we used to, but we do still try to get as many as we can into a year, and where ALWAYS on the lookout for folks that want to come and present for us.

Over the years we've had some fantastic presenters, and some crazy topics, and every single one of them was as much fun to make as the previous ones.  Below is our most recent recording, the rest you can watch by heading over to Our You Tube Page and viewing them as you normally would.

Past Presenters

Below is just a small sample of some of the presenters we've had presenting in LiDNUG live online presentations