Welcome to the LiDNUG website

If this is the first time you've heard of us, then you might want to check out the about page, and even watch some of our previous presentations. If your the adventurous type you might want to just dive straight in, and hop on over to our official home on the Linked-in social network (You will need a Linked-in account however).


We are a virtual global community of like minded individuals who are hevily involved in creating software using Microsoft .NET based technologies.

Many of us are also seasoned developers, and also team leads, project managers, CTO's or even just general all round technologists.  The one thing that binds us all together is our daily work within the .NET ecosystem.

There's more about our history, and the team that makes all of this happen, on the about page on this site so I'll not go into to much detail in this section.  We have a very vibrant community of over 50,000 members all around the globe, many just lurk and read the discussions in our main group, but many others also routinely get involved in the many (sometimes heated) discussions that we regularly have going on.

Where are we?

Our official home is on the Linked-in platform where we first begun, but we also have a very strong presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and You-Tube.  You can find the links to those places below:

What do we do?

Live online presentations

We find some of the best and the brightest from the .NET community at large, then we beg them to come and do a 90 minute presentation on thier chosen subject.

Once the presentation is confirmed, we do all the promotion and the hard work of getting it up and in a virtual environment where all our members can then come along and watch it free of charge.

Once the presentation is finished, we record it, then we make it available on our you tube page for anyone to come along and watch it when ever they please.

It's not just the superstars either, anyone can do a lidnug presentation, irrespective of skill level, or time/status in the industry, if you have an idea, that you'd like to preset then feel free to contact us, and lets get a discussion going, you never know, you might end up being the next scott gutherie.

Host and moderate online discussion groups

Since we started on Linked-in as a discussion group, that remains today where our strongest focus still is.

We make a safe place for .NET developers to come and meet, we encourage you to build your networks around the group, and we want you to ask your questions, no matter how silly you might think they are.

Discussions are about sharing knowledge, ideas, techniques or sometimes just having a laugh and a carry on in the company of others that understand your point of view.

Our facebook group for example is chock full of funny pictures, that only I.T folks would understand.

Above all however, it's all about "BEING A COMMUNITY"

What are you waiting for, click or tap on the logo above, come along and join us today...