Contacting LiDNUG

The email guide

Even though we have lots of different ways to get in touch, there may still be times when you feel the best way to reach out to us is by good, old fasioned email.

Well, we've got your back covered there too.

For the most part, you'll get a faster response every time by reaching out to any of the team via thier Linked-in page, since we are a Linked-in group, then every member of staff has a Linked-in profile page already.  Many of the team also have twitter accounts or facebook pages (You can see who has links to what on the about page).

Depending on which email you use, and who's monitoring it, you may not get an instant response,.  We do however try to answer most emails within a day or so.

Each member of staff has a personal email address of:


these addresses can be used to get directly to that team member at all times.

Non Staff addresses

We also maintain a number of addresses that are "team addresses".  These team addresses are set up to go to the most appropriate group of people to handle the query.

If you have a specific question, then using a team address is usually a better idea than contacting a single person directly, as it will mean that if that single person is not available for whatever reason, then someone else will be available to handle it.  This is never more important than when we have a presentation running, as the person your trying to contact, may already be busy dealing with a different query.

All we ask if you use any of the team addresses below, is that you please read carefully through the descriptions first, and decide which address is the best one for your query.
This is the general all staff address to contact Lidnug email sent to this address is sent to *EVERY* member of the team, if your trying to make a specific query, please check to see if there's a more specific address first.
Use this email address if you ONLY wish to contact the managment team, for example if you have an issue with a moderator that you would like addressing.
Use the moderators address if you would like to report something in one of the discussions, promotions or jobs posts that you believe should be addressed. This does include spam comments, but we ask that you try the 'flag as spam' and other tools that Linked-in provide first.
If you have a problem with the website, please use this email address to notify us. The staff members that are responsible for keeping 'Lidnug.Org' running will be monitoring this address. PLEASE DO NOT use this address to report problems with our Linked-In discussions group, any messages sent to this address about Linked-In will be ignored, if you have a problem with Linked-In, please use the correct support tools that they make available to report it.
If your a company looking to contact us about becoming sponsors of Lidnug then please address your queries using this email address, the team members who deal with sponsorship will get back to you to follow up, so please make sure that you include correct contact details so they know how to reach you.
Having an issue with one of our events? Got a question about an event? Send them to this email address, the email will be actively monitored most times, but will also have team members watching it during the running of an event too, so you can contact us if things aren't working.
If you have problems with one of our members, either in the discussion's or anything else connected to any of Lidnug's activities please let us know straight away, using this email address, we'll endevour to investigate as soon as possible and attempt to resolve the problem. We take a very dim view of members causing intentional anguish to other members.
If you have ANY complaints against Lidnug, it's activities or it's staff, then please let us know by using this Email address, we strive to build the best community we can, but we can only do that if we know what where doing wrong too, so let us know of any problems you have, and we'll do our best to fix them.